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    Welcome to wangfa biology!
    Cangzhou Wangfa Biotechnology Institute Co.,Ltd

    Cangzhou Wangfa Biotechnology Institute Co., Ltd is a big-sized modern corporation of producing micro-ecologic preparation, with the major of scientific researching development, can do all the things from scientific researching, developing and producing to commercial trade of this line. So is named as “A Biologic Technical Corporation of High Science and Technology” of Cangzhou city, and the government of the city has confirmed us as a “key leading enterprise of agriculture industrialization management”. Our institute occupies 60 mu, and the area of testing products occupies 500mu, The factory and equipments planed and constructed are all according to the standard of GMP...


    HQ Add: Room 807&812,Zone 1,Building A,Yihe International Commercial Center,Jiefang West Road,Cangzhou City,Hebei Province, China.
    Tel:0317-2188466  2128466

    Add:Chenzui Industrial Zone,Qing County, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province,China
    Tel:0317-4381246  4383288


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